Information for Residents

We hope that the following information answers most of your questions. If you have additional questions, please contact the manager at the specific property location you are interested in. The following information is an overview of our general policies and procedures, but does not include every eventuality or every policy for every property. Note that we do have occupancy limits on apartments and these limits vary by size of apartment. Usually, for a one bedroom apartment, we will not accept more than two occupants.


We require a minimum of a six month lease commitment. There are no exceptions. We never lease apartments or office spaces on a month-to-month basis at the inception of any rental agreement. We require the following information in order to accept your rental application:

-Photo Government Identification such as Valid California Driver’s license or ID card.

-Six (6) months of verifiable income with monthly income equal to two and one-half times the rent.

At this time, we do not accept Section 8 housing vouchers or “co-signers” at any location.

All applications are subject to employment, credit and rental history verification. There is a $30.00 non-refundable credit check fee to process the application for each adult over 18 years of age who will occupy the apartment. If you would like a paper copy of your credit check, add $5.00. Whichever option you choose and whether or not you rent an apartment, this fee is non-refundable and is not credited towards rent or security deposit. Please landing in the to get more information.

Rental rates quoted vary according to amenities and the location of each apartment. Please call us for current rental rates.

Security deposits are required on all apartments and office spaces. The amount will vary depending upon your credit history and whether you have a pet. These funds are held to insure that you return the apartment back to us in the same condition with which you started your tenancy. Please refer to Civil Code Section 1950.5, which governs our application of your security deposit against charges incurred by you. Further, we also abide by the California Landlord/Tenant Handbook and suggest you refer to it should you have any questions about security deposits. Should you need to cancel your move-in, we will deduct from the security deposit you paid, a pro-rated daily rental rate for those dates that the apartment was held off the market for you, and refund to you the balance. We will not “hold” apartments for any reason. Interest is NOT paid on security deposits held by us.


Currently, our Huntington Gardens property is the only location that accepts cats and dogs. There are restrictions on the types of dog breeds allowed and the size of dogs in various apartments. Dogs up to 25 lbs are accepted in the upstairs apartments (Studio and Junior-1 bedrooms),  forbidden dogs up to about 50 lbs (call if you have questions) in the downstairs apartments (1 and 2 bedroom apartments). Our breed restrictions are as follows: We do not accept Rottweilers, Rottweiler mixes, Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes, American StaffordshireTerriers, Stafforshire Bull Terriers, Presa Canario, Wolf Hybrids or mixes of these breeds. We do not accept more than 2 pets per apartment. We do not accept exotic animals of any kind. Fish tanks greater than 10 gallons are not accepted. All dogs must be on leash while on the property at any time. All dogs must have current rabies vaccinations and city license. Cats must be kept indoors. We will not allow cats to wander the grounds: it disturbs the dogs. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets, both in the common areas and in their living areas. Please bring your pet with you when you come to fill out and submit an application. Our manager likes to meet everyone!


Prior to move-in, we will conduct an inspection and take photographs of your apartment to establish its condition at move-in. On the appointed day of your move-in, you will need to pay any balance owed towards the first months rent and security deposit before we will issue keys and sign the rental agreement. Payment must be in Cashier’s Check or Money Order, not cash or personal check. You will receive a copy of the Rental Agreement and any other documents that you sign. Residents are responsible for turning on those utilities they are responsible for in their own names. Usually, the utility services that are the tenant’s responsibility are electricity and telephone, but may also include gas service at some properties. Installation of satellite dishes requires approval by us prior to installation. The Property Manager can advise you regarding these issues. We may require the account number for electricity at the time of move-in at some locations, and the manager will advise you. We always pay for water, trash and sewer at all properties. All apartments have a stove and oven, but usually not a refrigerator. Please contact the manager if you have any questions.


For the first six months of your tenancy, rent must be paid in Cashier’s Check or money order, not by personal check or cash. We never accept two party checks or out-of-state checks or cash or electronic transfers as payment for rent. You will receive a receipt each time you pay rent, and rent is due, in full, on the first of each month (or the date your Rental Agreement specifies), payable at the on-site Rental Office (please do not mail in rents). Any rental payments submitted to us through our on-site drop slots remain your responsibility until we issue a receipt. Keys should not be dropped through the drop slot. Rent can not be paid in payments or installments unless we mutually agree in writing. If, after paying on time for at least six months, you wish to split your rent into two equal monthly payments, you must request this in writing and, upon review, we will inform you if we agree. If we agree, there is an additional charge of $35.00 due with the half-rent payment on the first of each month. We reserve the right to revoke the privilege of accepting split rents if this privilege is abused.


Our maintenance staff is available Monday through Friday to respond to maintenance requests. For maintenance requests, please call or come into the office to submit a request. Requests are done in the order in which they are received, unless we consider it to be an emergency. Saturday and Sunday maintenance service is for EMERGENCIES ONLY. You will find a pager number either posted at the rental office on the property, or on the rental office message machine to call the staff member on duty. For any other emergency, please dial 911.

To insure faster service for your maintenance request, please note on the written maintenance request you submit to us whether we have permission to enter if you are not present, but be advised that if we believe it is an emergency, we will enter without permission as permitted by California Civil Code. At this time, maintenance requests can only be submitted in writing, not by email. Please do not email your maintenance request. All properties have a “drop slot”, so you can drop off your written mail request if we are not open, or you are not able to contact us by phone.


We assign parking with each apartment to insure you do not have to worry about finding a place to park when you come home. However, we only assign one space per bedroom, when space is available. In the unlikely event that you find that your parking space is occupied by another resident in error, you may contact our security service and they will aid you in reclaiming your spot. Do let us know if this problem continues, and we will also assist you.The laser pens with different tips please read the instruction to get more advice.

Enclosed garages, exterior parking spaces and carports are to be used for storage of vehicles that are in good operating condition and that have current State DMV registration. Vehicles that leak fluids and/or that are parked on property in an unassigned parking spot without being moved for three or more consecutive days (unless you tell us you are on vacation or unable to move it for a period of time), will be cited and removed from the property at the vehicle owner’s expense. Further, we do not allow automotive maintenance of any kind to be done on our property or the storage of recreational vehicles for the safety of our residents and the environment. We do not allow storage of Recreational Vehicles of any kind.

The information provided here is meant only as a guide and is not inclusive of all policies and procedures that may apply. Information contained herein is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.